Evgenia Pukhaeva, editor

Being an art historian, studying art at 360-degrees, at one point, you understand what attracts you the most.

My main professional field of interest is jewelry. I find it fascinating how the history of mankind, from the pre-historical era until nowadays, has always been reflected in the art of jewelry, body ornaments, rings, pins, etc. not only intended as pretty shiny things but real artifacts with specific purposes symbolic meanings.

Through materials and designs, we can learn about styles of art and fashion, but also about fields, which, at a first glance, aren’t connected to jewels: public consciousness, geographical discoveries, trends of global politics.

I graduated as an art historian at The State University of Culture and Art in Saint-Petersburgh. Jewelry has been my field of specialization from the 2nd year of study. Let’s say my relationship with this subject is almost 8 years long.

SURREAL GENERATION is the first edition I work with as an editor. Being always attached to jewelry, I never wrote about it for an audience, which is not a professional community of art historians. I feel a responsibility as a professional, and excited to share my view with our readers.This edition is also a place to convey my other interests, values, and principles, which has united us as a new progressive digital issue about art, comfort living, traveling, fine dining, and sustainability.

The mission of SURREAL GENERATION is to provide reliable, honest, and up-to-date information through exclusive articles and interviews with influential people working in these fields.Another is promoting our values: responsibility, quality, professionalism, and respect.

Thank you,

Evgenia Pukhaeva

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