Letter from Evgenia Pukhaeva, an editor

Dear friends!

I feel pretty confused writing this letter to you. Firstly, because being confused is my default mental status since last spring. The way I imagined this period in my life is very far from what is currently happening, as well as yours I dare to guess. Secondly, I don’t feel like advising on how to live this new version of life, how to approach it, how to overcome this challenge. My attitude to all this chaos changes from one week to another, currently the mood is fatalistic. They say having an everyday routine is very important – it keeps you organized and busy, but I don’t have one. Surreal Generation is what keeps me busy, but not very organized though.

Anyways, today is a happy day: we are releasing the 3rd issue, which means our magazine is 6 months old. It’s not a lot for a magazine, but it’s a long time if we think about it from an angle of keeping your, our readers, attention. Since we don’t look for popular topics and hype, but only write about our genuine interests, it’s delightful to have a growing community of like-minded people, and be appreciated by them. Also, during these months Surreal Generation met plenty of people, who enthusiastically supported us and contributed to the development of the new-born edition.

That’s it. Wish you a great day.

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