Letter from Evgenia Pukhaeva

Dear readers,

in these weird covid-times, we’ve made it to get to the 4th issue of SURREAL GENERATION still full of enthusiasm and inspiration. Apparently, the pandemic has slowed down, and life is moving back step by step toward normality. Restaurants, museums, and galleries are reopening their doors, and we can even consider traveling.

As you know, SURREAL GENERATION is happily based in Italy. Thus, in our 4th issue, we would like to focus on ideas for the summer holidays in this beautiful country. You can already check the list of art exhibitions held this summer in Rome, and other articles with valuable recommendations are coming. The topic of jewelry won’t be ignored, as well.

Also, we are growing geography-wise, and you can already read an article about Haku restaurant by Maurizio De Simone, directly from Hong Kong.

There’s a Russian proverb: ‘summer is a small lifetime’. For me, it’s a perfect definition, and it talks about one of the most beautiful feelings – the anticipation for something exciting. Wish you to live this summer season the most excitingly!

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