Exquisitely noble Christmas gifts from Editor-in-chief

Gifts are a way of expressing your feelings, showing attention and care, and most importantly they can leave an authentic aftertaste of someone’s personality. The right thing given in a certain manner can be more eloquent than a cheesy phrase. I am among those who often end up finding it easier to express feelings and care with deeds, rather than words. If you think about … Continue reading Exquisitely noble Christmas gifts from Editor-in-chief

Christmas gift ideas

I believe that the best present is something, that a person won’t buy themselves because there are always more important things to spend money on. This way, wishes end up being at the end of the list of priorities, in the “I don’t really need it” group. Christmas is a perfect occasion to make the life of your nearest and dearest a bit happier by … Continue reading Christmas gift ideas

Autumn in jewelry

What is your favorite season? Mine is fall, color-wise. Let me take the advantage of being an editor to share a selection of jewelry pieces that represent fall motifs and demonstrate the variety of warm-shade gems. For some reason, fall motifs are not very popular in jewelry. Though even the banalest fall attribute, such as a leaf, can be interpreted in different ways depending on … Continue reading Autumn in jewelry

Top 5 breakfast spots for this fall in Rome

Breakfast is the only informal meal that does not require specific rules, protocols, or other strict etiquette conventions. Breakfast doesn’t even require social contact, which is where the tradition of reading the newspaper – so as not to engage in unwanted conversation – comes from. But let’s not go into the details of morning etiquette. First and foremost, a pleasant start of the day energizes … Continue reading Top 5 breakfast spots for this fall in Rome

Fattoria di Caspri

“I have a winery in Toscana, come visit me one day!” – said jewelry designer Suzanne Syz during the interview. An article about wine producers, famous in first place for some other activity, had already been scheduled. For a lucky coincidence, Suzanne and her Fattoria di Caspri were exactly matching the case and thus the invitation was happily accepted. Fattoria di Caspri is a living … Continue reading Fattoria di Caspri

Much ado about nothing

The new measure announced yesterday also determines the closure of bars and restaurants at 18:00. After hours of negotiation with the Italian regions that wanted assistance for the owners of the hospitality businesses, this new decree in force until November, 24th was signed.Although curfew has been avoided at a national level, it is already carried out in regions such as Lazio, Campania, Sicily, Calabria, and … Continue reading Much ado about nothing

Slow coffee in Rome. Sant’Eustachio

SURREAL GENERATION had the pleasure to be invited for breakfast at the legendary Roman coffee bar Sant’Eustachio. Over a cup of espresso, we had a conversation with Raimondo, the owner, about the culture of coffee, its history, and the life-long passion for it.  “Why do people spend time choosing a restaurant, when they want to have dinner out, but to have a coffee they just … Continue reading Slow coffee in Rome. Sant’Eustachio

Christian Marasca as the Commander-in-chief of the Dessert Revolution in Rome

Today Christian Marasca is regarded as one of the most prestigious in the Pastry Chef world, and many connoisseurs choose the restaurant Zia exactly for that. The conclusion of a meal comes with a feeling of complete balance and satisfaction, a very nice bonus to an already exclusive experience. His French technique is visible tout de suite, enriched by an Italian taste in the fillings. It will … Continue reading Christian Marasca as the Commander-in-chief of the Dessert Revolution in Rome

Art exhibitions, fall 2020

The year 2020 has become the year of cancellation of cultural events. Moreover, it made us all understand that if you have planned to see one, you’d better not put it off to the last days. Here is a selection of ongoing and upcoming art exhibitions worth your attention. London London, widely recognized for its vibrant art and cultural scene, is offering an impressive variety … Continue reading Art exhibitions, fall 2020