Iconic Designs. Bvlgari

Iconic designs are those designs that stand out, like the iPod Touch. Evergreen milestones of design. Even if we can’t immediately recall the name of the author or don’t know it at all – like the Volkswagen Beetle, we connect our collective memory to them. So deeply intertwined with our society that they look as if they have always been in it – like the … Continue reading Iconic Designs. Bvlgari

Letter from the Editor-in-chief

Dear readers, I do not want to linger too long on “difficult times”, “COVID-2019” or whatever personal challenges that haunt everyone on the path of life. I want to thank you for the support and trust you showed during the first release of SURREAL GENERATION. I am truly very proud of the results and having guests like Roberto Wirth, Suzanne Syz, Marina Abramovic, Wallace Chan, … Continue reading Letter from the Editor-in-chief

Lovely chatting with Francesca Grima

The father of modern jewelry, the engineer who is considered the most influential British jewelry designer of the 20th century. The creator of the most remarkable watch collection. The owner of the record of 11 de Beers Diamonds International Awards. One can see his pieces worn by the Queen during official ceremonies and on Instagram selfies of Marc Jacobs.  The name of Andrew Grima is … Continue reading Lovely chatting with Francesca Grima