Autumn in jewelry

What is your favorite season? Mine is fall, color-wise. Let me take the advantage of being an editor to share a selection of jewelry pieces that represent fall motifs and demonstrate the variety of warm-shade gems. For some reason, fall motifs are not very popular in jewelry. Though even the banalest fall attribute, such as a leaf, can be interpreted in different ways depending on … Continue reading Autumn in jewelry

Fattoria di Caspri

“I have a winery in Toscana, come visit me one day!” – said jewelry designer Suzanne Syz during the interview. An article about wine producers, famous in first place for some other activity, had already been scheduled. For a lucky coincidence, Suzanne and her Fattoria di Caspri were exactly matching the case and thus the invitation was happily accepted. Fattoria di Caspri is a living … Continue reading Fattoria di Caspri