Letter from the Editor-in-chief

Dear readers,

I do not want to linger too long on “difficult times”, “COVID-2019” or whatever personal challenges that haunt everyone on the path of life.

I want to thank you for the support and trust you showed during the first release of SURREAL GENERATION. I am truly very proud of the results and having guests like Roberto Wirth, Suzanne Syz, Marina Abramovic, Wallace Chan, and Enrico Bartolini has been an honor for me and a grandiose source of motivation for our small, but very creative and committed to our ideas and values team.

The Winter Edition 2020 is called Isolated. We pursued this idea even before strict restrictions, as maximum responsibility now affects our future in something as intimate as our health.

You will find many informative articles about art in this issue because we have had abundant time for research and self-development; together with our special guests we will share suggestions for exciting entertainment and activities to be done right from our homes.

This year has taught us some crucial things: patience, discipline, and respect for our personal space. I am sure that many of you have done what you were going to do for a long time, but had been putting off until later.

In this issue, I and the SURREAL GENERATION team want to be as calm, open, and frank as possible. We are going to touch on a large number of topics: from home recipes and photography books to global-scale issues such as sustainability and the crisis in hospitality.

We worry and try to support our friends who are going through difficult times, and we also want to remind you that life is incredibly valuable and unique. It would be incredibly rewarding for us if while going through these pages you’d feel that you are not isolated, you primarily belong to yourself. We as the editors of SURREAL GENERATION will try to prove it to you.

Happy Holidays,


Christina Rusu


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