Ten/ten Botswana: small rings with a big meaning

Catherine Sarr of Almasika

What is the concept of the Serene ring?

The pieces ALMASIKA creates are sculptural but organic, it’s this same ethos I brought to the Serene ring. It’s a lyrical interpretation of love, I was inspired by two streams of water flowing and enveloping a rock forming an infinite energy embodied by the diamond. I want this ring to evolve with the person wearing it, to convey this idea of an infinite energy, a forever bond.

What’s the importance of Ten/ten for you?

I take pride in my approach to materials, all of ALMASIKA’s diamonds are conflict free. Since our inception, a responsible value chain has been at the core of ALMASIKA. So I jumped at the chance to contribute to the TEN TEN collection using Botswana diamonds.

Aurora Lopez Mejia

What is the concept of the Mara ring?

As an artist I create constant reminders in the forms of wearable talismans and my art and sculptures which are inscribed with words which are a part of one’s personal history.
This created solitaire is a delicate version of a ring which I created for my collectors who had their solitaire rings in a drawer.
The rings were outdated and no longer matched their evolving dynamic personality.
I create pieces for highly creative unique personalities.

The Mara ring Is the embodiment of a strong character who is connected to nature.
The squared curves of the band follow the natural shape of one’s finger and connect to a true circle stage which becomes the home of the diamond.
The true circle is representing the infinite union without beginning or end…
As everything I create serves as a constant reminder, I have hand inscribed the most powerful word of all: LOVE on the palm of the hand as the wearer’s little secret.
Like all ancient talismans, this ring is created to transcend time.

What’s the importance of Ten/ten for you?

As my collectors find me through word of mouth, I was very keen to be a part of Ten/Ten as it gives a new generation the opportunity to own one of my pieces.
I was also intrigued by the responsible sustainable aspects which De Beers is committed to in Botswana. They have supported a community and culture who continues to thrive and grow by a strong educational backbone. The preciousness and shine of the diamonds is reflective of the integrity the ethical mining process.
The ultimate result is a ring created with pure consciousness.


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