Ten/ten Botswana: small rings with a big meaning

Bea Bongiasca

What is the concept of the You’re so Mine! ring?

The message is that you can have a unique and a more classic ring all in one because they are actually two rings that stack together. One is an oval diamond solitaire with a 4 prong setting and the second ring works kind of like a ‘ring jacket’ adorning the first ring with a touch of white enamel giving it a whole new life. I liked the idea of creating something that could have this duality because I think that it reflects what someone could be looking for in an engagement rings.

What’s the importance of Ten/ten for you?

It’s the first time that I worked with diamonds and engagement rings so for me it was a big deal because I was challenging myself to do something out of the box from my usual work. It also gave me the opportunity to work with a company as colossal as De Beers and that was a great honour as well as a responsibility to design something amazing 🙂

Lauren Godfrey of Harwell Godfrey

What is the concept of the Motu ring?

The inspiration for my design came from my own engagement ring, a round brilliant diamond that I had reset a few years ago in 18-karat yellow gold with a hexagonal halo and bead band. The mother of pearl halo on my design has a real connection to my own love story: I named this style the “Motu Ring” in reference to the reef around the lagoon that surrounds the island of Bora Bora, where my husband and I spent our honeymoon. This iridescent material is readily found in Bora Bora, and now surrounds a beautiful DeBeers diamond

What’s the importance of Ten/ten for you?

Ten/Ten was my first time working with DeBeers, and I was very impressed by the warmth and spirit behind the project. They created a really exciting community vibe with this project — connecting us with the other designers as well as the various members of their team touching this project. They also really educated us on Botswana, their practices and the incredible level of detail going into everything, down to the tracking of the stones. I learned a lot.


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