Stylishly sustainable

Having a 100% sustainable life is far more than utopistic. Anyway, all of us can reduce the impact on the environment in a way, which suits our lifestyle. Upgrading your wardrobe might be one of the options, and it doesn’t require any compromises, thanks to an impressive variety of brands offering sustainable apparel of different styles. Here is a short, yet comprehensive list of male and female apparel brands, which represent different aesthetics.

Stella McCartney

Founded in 2001 in the UK, from the very beginning this brand has been in the Avant-guard of sustainable fashion before everybody started talking about it. Nowadays Stella McCartney is by all of the most cut-edge players in the luxury fashion world. Among the fibers they use there are engineered cashmere, viscose from sustainably managed and certified Sweden forests, recycled nylon, and polyester, alter-Nappa. You can learn a lot about new materials’ pros and contras from the brand’s website. Stella McCartney offers female, male, kids clothing, and footwear; sportswear in collaboration with Adidas, bags, and other accessories. 


The name of this Stockholm-based male apparel brand speaks for itself: an ascetic is a person who does without extravagance and abundance. Asket sees overconsumption as the main reason for the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment and believes that the solution is reducing a wardrobe. The brand confirms words with actions putting an accent on a permanent collection, which consists of the off-season and out-of-trend high-quality essential pieces. Another priority of Asket is full transparency and traceability of all the supply chain, the environmental impact of each garment, and pricing – all written in a description of each item, including an overview of factories involved in its production. Everything is quite clear, but I have one question: are you going to make some female clothing, guys?


This Norwegian brand was founded 4 years ago with the mission to design sustainable and ethical female clothing.  byTiMo embraces a romantic-casual style inspired by vintage fashion, and suitable for both city and resort context. An important characteristic of byTiMo pieces is that they were made to last for years, thanks to quality materials. One of the favorite fabrics of this brand is 100% sustainable viscose, which is pleasant and comfortable to wear. To reduce their impact byTiMo also recycle water used for coloring and printing fabrics. Human resources care is essential if we talk about the sustainable production of anything, and byTiMo can guarantee that all the rights of workers of suppliers and ateliers are respected. Another important mission of the brand is Social Entrepreneurship through helping women who suffered from difficult life circumstances by providing necessary items and setting up workplaces.


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