Paying Tribute to Heritage of Korean Cuisine. Mingles – 10th Best Restaurant in Asia

A Korean Two Michelin starred restaurant in Seoul – Mingles, ranked #10 of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant, and Mingoo Kang won the Inedit Damm Chefs’ Choice Award 2021.

Mingles began its history in 2014, when the chef – Mingoo Kang, having returned to Korea, enriched by his experience in Europe, decided to set up his business.

Today, Mr. Kang can be called the ambassador of the Korean culinary heritage, and Mingles is a harmonious composition of progressive techniques and centuries-old history of Korean cuisine.

“My ambition is to attract and serve guests of all kinds, not only those who know Korean food well, but also those who are unfamiliar with it. If someone is familiar with hansik, I would like to show them a special experience that can be only found at Mingles. For the other guests, I want them to try hansik and expand their experience of food.” – said Mingoo Kang in an interview for the Michelin guide.

The chef does not hide the fact that since the opening, the restaurant has radically changed its menu, and the team is in constant development, researching new skills and challenging itself.

At the time of its opening, in 2014, 70% of the menu was made up of French techniques, and only 30% was using Korean ingredients. But Mr. Kang didn’t feel it was the right concept for Mingles. The chef delved deeper into the authentic style of Korean cuisine, into the culture, and also learned a lot from chef Cho Hee-Sook. Focusing on hansik, he was looking for answers on how to thrill a customer who is thoroughly familiar with Korean cuisine, but at the same time convey the authenticity, traditions, and a comprehensive image of hansik to foreigners.

During this research for new solutions, the menu of Mingles experienced a natural evolution. The mirrored formula worked, and today with 70% of Korean cuisine, plus 30% of modern techniques and inspiration from around the world, is working successfully.

The restaurant simply amazes the receptors of its guests, preserving the original traditions and impressively surprising with new techniques. A growing number of international guests are eager to get this experience at Mingles, not only for the fine dining but also for self-development and curiosity.

The chef and owner, Mingoo Kang, respecting and deeply honoring his country, tries to provide guests with a complete immersion in Korean culture, thus the cups, bowls, chopsticks, spoons, and furniture, are made by Korean craftsmen and artists.

Mingoo Kang does not strive for titles and awards, he tries to provide guests with impeccable service, unforgettable emotions and convey the historical significance and wealth of Korea, and we must pay tribute that he nobly fulfills his mission.

Not long ago, he opened a modern Korean restaurant – Hansik Goo, in Hong Kong, but this special place will require a complete and detailed article about.

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