Paris is in bloom!

Les Fleurs by Anna Tsvell

Simon Porte Jacquemus makes people happy again. It’s amazing how this young artist has already won the hearts of many and is sharing his light with the world.

His new project “Les Fleurs” is a gift to a beautiful, springtime and romantic Paris.

Together with a family-owned company of seasonal flowers – Les Fleurs de Paul, from the south of France, Simon creates beautiful bouquets by wrapping in leftover fabrics from his previous collections of Jacquemus. This way each bouquet will be unique and the fabric is going to be recycled.

You can buy these wonderful bouquets, starting from tomorrow March, 27 and until April, 3. Pre-order should be made on the website, the cost for a bouquet is 30 EUR. EXCLUSIVELY IN PARIS.

It’s a shame we’re not there.


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