Fashion for life

If every fashion Maison respected these values, then the world could avoid many environmental problems, our body health would be more preserved, our skin would be grateful, and our mind would be probably cleaner. These three brands make art in the fashion world, art in complete harmony with nature and humans. It is a pride and a privilege to wear these clothes, and it is a noble deed to produce them.

Kasia Kulenty

Their dresses are a poem dedicated to a woman. Every piece is luxury embodied in at least 12 meters of cotton. Each dress is designed for comfort, with a spiritual dimension. Wearing such a thing on yourself is an honor because there is a centuries-old history behind each dress.

Kasia Kulenty dresses are made of airy cotton, cut, sewn, and braided by hand, and then individually dyed by local spiritual artisans.

The brand is based in Yucatan, Mexico, and focuses on the art of handcrafting. Observing all the techniques and traditions. Dresses of Kasia Kulenty are like clothes for goddesses, covering women’s bodies.

Le Kasha 1918

An innovative brand with a rich history dating back to 1918. This brand, to some extent, contributed to the dazzling success of Coco Chanel, because it was thanks to Le Kasha 1918 that she created her very first collection of suits.

Today, the house is run by a young and incredibly talented – Mali, who has created 3 collections that embody the spirit of travel and timeless comfort.

The first collection “Cachemire de Voyage” is absolutely universal with “functional elegance”. The collection uses cashmere fibers made in Alaman and Arbus (Mongolia). Cachemire de Voyage is dedicated to travel and every piece is not subject to time or fast fashion.

The brand took inspiration from Egypt for “Lin de Voyage” collection, delved deeper into the origins of flax, and gave the collection a desert feel. The highest quality Italian linen was used for Lin de Voyage and the collection was designed and created in Paris in Le Kasha atelier. This collection is a complete summer wardrobe.

Soie de Voyage is an elegant collection infused with Asian and Middle Eastern inspiration. Flowing lines, luxurious silks, fantastic silhouettes. This collection is like an anthem to the sophistication and beauty of the East.


You cannot talk about Attire The Studio without mentioning Xenia Adonts. Because her creations, like a mirror, reflect her personality. Xenia is distinguished for her kindness, openness, and honesty. And these same qualities are embedded in the brand.

Respect for work, care for nature, commitment to environmental issues as well as the incredible work capacity of Xenia and her team.

Attire The Studio is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. Xenia Adonts talks in detail about the process of creating and searching for fabrics and this story inspires and demonstrates professionalism and noble intentions.

Attire The Studio is the perfect example of the 2021 fashion brand, with an insightful philosophy and a bright future.


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