Baccarat Pop Ring vol. 2

Adorable candies! – these words came to my mind after the first look at the new Baccarat rings collection.  These are good old Baccarat Pop Rings redesigned by Jaime Hayon.

Photo credit: Laurent Parrault

Jaime Hayon is one of the most influential creators of the last decade, according to Wallpaper Magazine, and one of the most creative icons as Times magazine says.

The new collection includes 4 rings of classical Pop-shape in juicy summer colors: amber, peony, light blue, and turquoise. The sugar-loaf tops of rings are decorated with small naive-styled engraved patterns, gilded in gold. The golden line hugging the “neck” of the classical Pop ring isn’t missing. All together it creates a light cheerful mood, which we have all been missing for too long.

The original Baccarat la Bague Pop Rings were designed by Sandrine Cohen, and launched in 1977. Simple shape, clear design, and smooth lines together with pleasant-to-touch material made this ring the most emblematic jewelry piece of Baccarat.

The new Medicis Pop Rings collection of 2021 is limited to 100 pieces of each color. Available for purchase at the official Baccarat website.

Photo credit: Klunderbie/James Mollison


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