Letter from Christina Rusu

Dear friends,

Thank you for being with us and welcome to all the new readers. It sounds strange, but this is our first release with no covid restrictions. The virus has changed our lives so much that what I hope, in this ever-changing situation, is that we have all become better at understanding our priorities.

I’d be delighted if our summer edition provided inspiring prompts and information about what to do this summer. We have compiled a list of activities, organized a “3-day” vacation plan, and tried our best to provide our experience with fashionable destinations in Italy.

At the same time, we’re beginning to explore new territories. I am very proud to announce that Maurizio De Simone started a collaboration with us, and will share his impressions from Hong Kong. He was impressed by Haku restaurant and you can read about it right now. (Click here).

Finally, get prepared for interesting notes coming from New York! I am sure they will conquer a place in your heart.

I am very inspired by these three upcoming months and I would like to convey this feeling to you, dear readers.


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