Haku in Hong Kong

In one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Hong Kong, there is a restaurant with a Japanese heart – Haku, which translates as “things from abroad”.

A young and talented chef – Rob Drennan – leads the kitchen, realizing his ideas and demonstrating amazing skills in researching and using a vast array of ingredients.

The tasting menu is a journey of eleven, creatively presented dishes, and comes together with six matching sake tastings; each course carefully put together directly at the table.

While dining at the chef’s table and fully feeling Japanese culture and harmony, focusing on tastes, it is surprising how the traditional foundations of Japan are accurately and delicately conveyed, interpreted in a modern style.

The sake pairing was a harmonious addition to the dinner. Not only a professional and thorough explanation of any of the pairings was provided, everything was handled with maximum care and friendliness.

Photo credit: Haku Restaurant

This allowed me to encounter such a variety of flavors, not just the sake taste I was used to. One of the many – WAKAZE is produced in France.

Moreover, the restaurant benefits from a more intimate and secluded dining room.

Nowadays it is becoming more widespread to serve sake-wine in non-Japanese restaurants as well, often matched to creative culinary styles. This was definitely one of the best tastes and flavor blendings I managed to experience. Caviar and truffle find their own way to delight together with typical Japanese cuisine, and even to enhance it.

An outstanding dining experience!”

Maurizio De Simone,

vintage watches dealer, musician and food enthusiast, based in Hong Kong


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