Il Tino, the Gem of Lazio

“Flowing as emotions, inspired to a memory or a feeling. My cuisine passes through the heart, even before the palate.”

Lele Usai

Il Tino restaurant has provided a truly pleasant dining experience. This sleek-modernly furnished chilled-out chamber restaurant is located in Fiumicino, definitely a convenient location for all the guests coming from Rome. What is undeniable is that, at the moment, Il Tino is one of the best restaurants in Lazio.

Moreover, I have not experienced such a top-notch quality in service in our region in a very long time. As a fine-dining journalist, I couldn’t help but notice that the pandemic has partly affected the quality of fine dining restaurants in Rome and the region, even leading to a couple of disappointing experiences recently.

This was my first visit to Il Tino, and it is definitely not going to be the last one. A variety of ingredients, explosive flavors, innovative combinations, Japanese influence, all coherent with utmost balance are the main qualities that characterize this restaurant.

Chef Daniele Usai focuses on seasonality using local ingredients. He created every dish with trepidation and care, something that won’t pass unnoticed. From the first bite to the last spoonful of dessert, the guest will be delighted with the dinner. The chef’s philosophy is to respect the ingredients, find the perfect match and use his own resources. All work, all menus and all searches of the chef and his team are incredibly precious and unique.

SURREAL GENERATION EDITION with all confidence, pride and honor recommends Il Tino restaurant as a must-dining.


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