The new David Webb

While we are getting used to yellow leaves and gloomy skies, all the seasonal flowers are bursting with color at David Webb’s boutique in New York City.

Asheville Necklace. David Webb.

The Maison has launched the new Asheville collection. It is the first completely new collection by David Webb since his passing.
Bewildering at first sight; it might look as if the new pieces have nothing in common with David Webb’s aesthetic: pastel colors, girlish designs, flowers. A resounding “What’s going on!?” could well sum up much of the fan’s gut feeling.

Let’s hold on a second, though. It is the same old Webb, just a bit in disguise. Behind naive flowery designs, there are many key elements of Maison’s style: white enamel, bright colors, big – really big – pieces, and recognizable silhouettes of necklaces and doorknockers.
The collection has come out in naive and childish apparel, yet still bold and statement. As if David Webb unveiled the other part of the brand’s personality, the sentimental one.
It’s David Webb’s new look.

Asheville ring. David Webb.

Image Credits: David Webb,

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