Autumn Interior Ideas for your personal space

October is very rich in colors, aromas, and brimming with a homely mood. This interval between summer and the beginning of preparations for Christmas, as if specially created to think about the comfort in the house, buy the necessary things, find stylish home interior solutions. Once thoroughly studied your space, it’s inevitable to find something that you want to replace or add or change.

Personally, I have a special trepidation when it comes to my home space. It is very important to feel comfortable in the house, to be inspired, to recover from the outside world, and to feel harmony and peace. I have created a list of interesting home items that you can purchase or that will inspire you with new ideas:

Japanese Teapot

Let’s start with tea. Agree, this is very important. And for a casual alternative to porcelain, choose a Japanese cast iron teapot. It looks very cool and a little brutal, and by the way, this teapot keeps warm for a very long time. Buy Here

Flora Danica by Royal Copenhagen

Moving away from the usual blue and white porcelain of Royal Copenhagen, how about paying attention to the ultra-rare exhibits from the “Flora Danica” collection, which presents detailed illustrations of not only Scandinavian plants, but in rare cases wildlife such as the Norwegian lobster or even reindeer? Having something like that in your collection will be an upgrade in grace, elegance, and exclusivity. Alternatively, it can be a valuable gift for a friend who will appreciate it indeed. Buy Here

Fratelli Minelli Lamp

One of the foundations of a cozy home is lighting. This aspect cannot be ignored and requires a good and competent solution. The table lamp from Fratelli Minelli can be a unique element of the living room. This lamp was designed and manufactured in Italy in the 1970s. The object generating light and warmth, and kindness, it seems to me. Buy Here

Umbrella Rack

Perhaps the purchase of this item is not original, but it is utterly necessary. The umbrella rack is underestimated by people, especially during the autumn rainy months. This piece of furniture is quite stylish and characteristically complements everyday life. Buy Here

Onyx Dining Table

Onyx in the house looks very elegant and chic. This stone is ready to breathe life into absolutely any interior. And this table for 6 seems like a serious investment and an accent for the whole house. I can already see how your home becomes the most beloved among your guests and friends. This is really something very special and exclusive. Plus – the way it plays light is unparalleled. The table changes from the morning sun rays and continues to do so until sunset light, besides the cooperation with the artificial lighting of your space. Buy Here

Baccarat Vases

Baccarat vases have become classics and almost the mandatory thing of every home. They look really stylish and help the flower arrangement to fit into the interior. Regardless of color or shape, quality is always the priority. And when we talk about the quality of glass, it’s definitely Baccarat. Buy Here

In the fall of 2021, one of the most sought-after and stylish colors is “British Racing” Green. I have a personal liking for this shade, rich deep color is suitable not only for the interior but also for clothes, bags, why not cars and watches?!

Cassina Chairs by Pierre Jeanneret

Iconic chairs from Cassina, which were invented by the brilliant Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret in his last months. India, like for many other creators, was a typical source of inspiration for him, thus he presented the world with these fine chairs as a meeting point between modern European style and traditional Indian spirit. Buy Here

Hope you found it inspiring!

with love,

Christina Rusu

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