Decorate your Christmas

Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet? Take a look at our SURREAL GENERATION selection of Holiday ornaments.

Elegant porcelain ornaments are presented by Ginori. Porcelain stars, pine cones, and a Christmas wreath of genteel colors adorned with gold – these ornaments will help you to create a neat decor. I would also opt for them as a present since they will be in place on any Christmas tree.

Christmas ornaments. Ginori 1735. Copyright © Richard Ginori s.r.l.

Villeroy & Boch is offering a truly delightful collection of Christmas ornaments – tiny porcelain table sets like ones that can suit a doll’s tea party. Sold in sets of three ornaments, they can be a nice present for somebody who enjoys the simple pleasure of decorating a cozy dollhouse more than their own kids.

Jayne Redmond creates ceramic Baubles in her workshop in Surrey. Each Bauble is glazed and handpainted by Jayne or her team – this way, you can be sure that all of them are unique. It’s hard not to smile looking at animals on Jayne’s ornaments which seem to have stepped out of children’s books. Also, you can personalize your Bauble!

If you are thinking of giving your Christmas tree a non-trivial look Le Palle Quadrate (Cube Balls) of Alessi might well turn up as an option. These weird cubes make me think of good old console games, and I bet they’ll do to you too, our old enough readers. All the cubes/balls in this funny collection designed by Marcello Jori and Massimo Giacon are handpainted. And easy to store.

Le Palle Quadrate. Alessi. Copyright © 2021 ALESSI SPA (UK)

When we think about Cartier, the first thing that pops into our mind is the Panthere. This iconic design has become a symbol of the brand. Therefore, what could be better than the vibe of ‘Cartier’ on your Christmas, which manifests itself through its Christmas ornaments? A porcelain Panthere and two cristal glass baubles with the brand’s logos and the main symbols of the Maison. £ 910 inclusive of VAT and all of them will be on your tree!

Cartier Christmas Decorations. Copyright © 2021 CARTIER

Tiffany & Co. Ornaments are of course in the color of the brand. Baubles and Christmas trees, nutcracker, ballerina and rat king, snowmen and bears. All of them are made of fine porcelain, crystal glass, love a teddy bear is made in maker. Lovely and elegant decorations and perfect craftsmanship by Tiffany masters.

Tiffany&Co Christmas tree baubles. Copyright ©T&CO.2021

Christmas objects by Baccarat have become immortal classics. Presented in typical Christmas colors: red, green, and gold, they are dignified with historical decorations for your tree. Baccarat also has tabletop items for the festive season.

Christmas ornaments. Baccarat. Copyright ©2021 Baccarat

At Roi du Lac, a Roman store, an incredible collection of Ornaments has been created for the upcoming Christmas. Hippos, tigers, elephants, camels, and others are ready to be a part of your holiday. Also a zodiac collection in magical blue. The Christmas collection is limited and very exclusive.

Camel Christmas bauble. Roi du Lac. Copyright © 2021, Roi du Lac

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