Champagne Salon night at Imago restaurant

On November 26th, at the Hotel Hassler, owned by CEO Roberto Wirth, an exellent event will take place at Restaurant Imàgo. The uniqueness of Salon, one of the finest sparkling wines in existence, includes the eclecticism and personality of the cuisine of Michelin-starred chef Andrea Antonini, winner of the Identità Golose 2021 Best Young Talent Award.

“I am very proud that a very prestigious champagne house such as Salon chose Imago as the venue for this beautiful event, recognizing the immense commitment that we make day after day to achieve absolute excellence in our gastronomic offer and in welcoming our guests.” says Roberto Wirth, owner and general manager of the Hassler Hotel.

Salon is the critically acclaimed niche champagne producer Blanc De Blancs, which has been part of the Laurent-Perrier group since 1989 with the house of Delamotte, with a maximum production of 60,000 bottles per year.

The venue for tasting these wonderful products this year will be at Imago – impeccably directed by Marco Amato, with the participation of the sommelier Alessio Bricoli – designed to fully express his individuality with the dishes of the chef Andrea Antonini: this dinner will be an opportunity to taste and get to know the Maison , the purest and most refined interpretation of champagne. According to Dupont: “everything is one: the vine, the harvest, the terroir.” For this reason, as the Salon of Sparkling Wines does not produce every season, but only those vintages that are considered the best and will be offered for tasting through Cassa Otto. It contains two 2004 bottles, two 2006 bottles, two 2007 bottles and one 2008 wine bottle.

The menu on offer for the evening embodies a cuisine that aims to enhance the Mediterranean flavors that only Antonini’s technique and a great cultural background can reinvent. A six-course that elevates the Italian spirit in its own identity. We start with blended raw seafood to continue with artichoke and sweet bread, we move on to shrimp and turnip greens in ravioli, sour rice with morels, hazelnuts and chicken liver, as well as cocoa and chicken alla cacciatora to end with a tribute to France with Tarte Tatin and chamomile.

“We were contacted by Mr. Ceretto on behalf of Didier Dupont to arrange a tasting of his wines with my dishes.” – says the chef Antonini. “I was honored to know that he had the pleasure of trying them in their authenticity, without any modification. This request filled me with pride. Therefore, I have chosen from among the dishes on the current Imàgo menu those that are most suitable for enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of champagne.”


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