She is on fire

Christina Rusu, Editor-in-Chief of SURREALGENERATION, was inspired to work on this photo project by the words of David Webb: “Beautiful women and jewels are synonymous. Rarely do you see a woman so beautiful that accents of jewelry do not flatter her physical beauty and the costume she chooses… Today, a woman is not looking for just a bracelet, clip, or a ring, but a jewel … Continue reading She is on fire


Odiot was founded in 1690, and for over three centuries this company of silversmiths maintained its fabulous tradition of creating exceptional pieces in precious metals. Through the generations the House of Odiot has always remained devoted to the same task of handing down a heritage of “savoir-faire”, intelligence, honor and renown. Under royal patronage, Odiot rapidly became one of the most prestigious silversmiths of the … Continue reading DRESSER VOTRE TABLE «À LA FRANÇAISE» by ODIOT

Christina Rusu, Editor-in-chief of SURREAL GENERATION

I started this career path when I was 16 years of age, working for a lifestyle magazine writing about fashion. My enthusiasm was so strong that after a few months, I started working on joint projects with the editor-in-chief. This proved to be an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge directly from the management of the magazine. My passion for fashion and journalism developed, and from … Continue reading Christina Rusu, Editor-in-chief of SURREAL GENERATION