Christina Rusu, Editor-in-chief of SURREAL GENERATION

I started this career path when I was 16 years of age, working for a lifestyle magazine writing about fashion.

My enthusiasm was so strong that after a few months, I started working on joint projects with the editor-in-chief. This proved to be an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge directly from the management of the magazine.

My passion for fashion and journalism developed, and from the age of 18, I started to supervising photoshoots, writing analysis articles, and interviewing various charismatic characters in the field.
For all these years, working in St. Petersburg, Russia, I have grown as a journalist and publicist and eventually decided to set out on a global career.

It was then that my engaging journey as a restaurant writer and finedining journalist began. I have been working with the world’s most influential Michelin-starred restaurants. Unique projects, exclusive interviews, unforgettable dinners have made these years compelling and unforgettable. My frequent travels and grand dinners at the best restaurants have allowed me to be introduced to many surprisingly talented professionals, with whom we have become friends over the years.

Despite the unstable world situation, 2020 is a special year for me. It inspired me with the idea of working on a new project that I see as the utmost of my professional interests combined.

SURREAL GENERATION is a seasonal Digital Edition about art, jewelry, hospitality, and travel. I have created a magazine that meets my interests and where I can promote a specific lifestyle.

SURREAL GENERATION is a magazine about art, jewelry, finedining, unique locations, stories, and interviews with influential people working in these industries. However, let me be precise and give a clear message to my readers.

This magazine is not about overly luxurious life-style and expensive things; we do not promote waste and bloated or posh lifestyle. Today, given the world’s situation where major financial crises are all over the place, and catastrophic environmental issues have become the norm, it is not correct to promote empty material values.

Our magazine wants to become a reliable source of information about a good quality standard of living, about a comfortable lifestyle, about art intended as beauty. We are not going to be discussing the political and religious aspects, but focusing exclusively on social matters.

Responsibility and reputation have been and will be my priorities and main values for managing SURREAL GENERATION and offer our readers quality, exclusivity, and a  one-of-a-kind selection of contents.

Thank you,

Christina Rusu


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