Letter from Christina Rusu, Editor-In-Chief

Dear friends,this time our Spring release is going to be different. We, as any business should, develop, expand our audience, work on mistakes and weaknesses, set new goals, achieve them and never stop dreaming! This release turned out to be especially refined, sophisticated, but with a strong character and clear positions. I know it’s not the right time, but I want us to celebrate life, … Continue reading Letter from Christina Rusu, Editor-In-Chief

Iconic Designs. David Webb

SURREAL GENERATION continues the Iconic designs series. Today we introduce the 3rd chapter about the quintessential American jeweler – David Webb. Animal Kingdom In 1957 David Webb made his first animal-inspired bracelet. By the end of the 1960s, precious animals became a must-have for the smart set, and David Webb turned into a synonym of animal jewelry in the USA. He wasn’t the only one to create … Continue reading Iconic Designs. David Webb

Victoria Beckham’s seductively classy Spring 2021

A few days ago, Victoria Beckham’s new collection was presented at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London, by the way, I wrote about the Victoria Miro gallery, which is located in Venice. I have had a drive for Victoria Beckham fashion voice since her first collection. She has established herself as a revolutionary in the fashion industry, successfully pivoting between “sexy” and “cool”. Her class … Continue reading Victoria Beckham’s seductively classy Spring 2021

5 addresses of art in Venice

Venice is a place densely inhabited by art. A city where the High Renaissance and contemporary art perfectly coexist. An endless number of exhibitions, cultural events, museums, and galleries are filled with an enthusiastic audience. World-renowned creators, artists, collectors, and creatives come here for inspiration and useful contacts. In this article, I have selected 5 must-see galleries to start your acquaintance with the Venetian art … Continue reading 5 addresses of art in Venice

The Venetian Glam as a Revolution of Italian Fine Dining

One of the most beautiful and solemn cities in the world that always offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Venice amazes with its grandeur and mystery. No city in the world can touch your emotional inner self in such a profound way. Its magical, overwhelming atmosphere will envelop every privileged tourist in something so unique it can only be defined celestial. On the downside, you … Continue reading The Venetian Glam as a Revolution of Italian Fine Dining

Roberto Wirth – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

The world is changing rapidly, globalization is taking over many things. But some things are not influenced by any passing fashions. The heritage of arts and classical music, for example, an everlasting history which keeps a connection between our world and its past, and unique and rare people for whom the main values are culture and nobility. Hotelier Roberto Wirth embodies these values in his personal and … Continue reading Roberto Wirth – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Loving Kills

Maria Callas was a woman with a tragic fate who sacrificed for love. A strong, talented, beautiful, successful opera diva who only had one weak spot: Aristotle Onassis. She gave him the unconditional love of a woman, without a drop of selfishness. She loved him more than herself. This love reminds me of Marina Abramovic’s first performance “Rhythm 0” in Naples. When you give full … Continue reading Loving Kills

Impossible reality

Wallace Chan is an outstanding figure in the jewelry world. He became the first Chinese jewelry artist represented at The European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht and Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris. His creations are part of the permanent collection of the British Museum, his exhibitions were held at Asia House in London and Christie’s Gallery in Hong Kong. He travels the world to give … Continue reading Impossible reality


Odiot was founded in 1690, and for over three centuries this company of silversmiths maintained its fabulous tradition of creating exceptional pieces in precious metals. Through the generations the House of Odiot has always remained devoted to the same task of handing down a heritage of “savoir-faire”, intelligence, honor and renown. Under royal patronage, Odiot rapidly became one of the most prestigious silversmiths of the … Continue reading DRESSER VOTRE TABLE «À LA FRANÇAISE» by ODIOT