The Venetian Glam as a Revolution of Italian Fine Dining

One of the most beautiful and solemn cities in the world that always offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Venice amazes with its grandeur and mystery. No city in the world can touch your emotional inner self in such a profound way. Its magical, overwhelming atmosphere will envelop every privileged tourist in something so unique it can only be defined celestial.

On the downside, you might think how could anyone be more surprised than this, being this city so special already? However challenging, believe me: all the most interesting things are hidden and require a reservation several months in advance and some thorough planning.

Glam Restaurant in Venice, Italy

Palazzo Venart, built in the 1400s, is a true gem. The hotel is a member of the LDC (Luxury, Dreams, Culture) Italian Hotels, which currently consists of 5 luxury hotels in the most beautiful places in Italy.

A 5-star hotel with 18 elegant and finely decorated rooms and suites, each based on a unique aspect of the Venetian history and culture, paying tribute to people and features who have made Venice legendary.

Palazzo Venart is also renowned for being one of the few buildings that offer a garden overlooking the Grand Canal. Fronted by its placid garden which opens directly onto the Grand Canal, Palazzo Venart boasts a private dock and beautiful flowers decors everywhere. The presence of some of the most known pieces of art by Anna Paola Cibin embellishes the whole garden and makes it even more precious.

Entering the hotel, you will see the Glam restaurant on the same floor. Multi-starred chef Enrico Bartolini has created the best restaurant in Venice and has successfully maintained this status for several years. Together with the chef Ascani Donato, the Glam team demonstrates a high level of service while preserving cultural and historical values. The philosophy of the restaurant is Venetian cuisine from a modern perspective, the use of local products andingredients, following the global trends of today’s fine dining.

Ascani Donato and Enrico Bartolini

The menu is bold enough and not devoid of ambition and enthusiasm, because not every chef starts his tasting menu with black caviar. Enrico Bartolini was quite frank in saying that the Glam is an ideal place for Ascani Donato, and no one else would have coped with the peculiarities of this location.

The cultural load is in the air, with every bite you can feel the distinct flavors of real Venice. The great attention to detail reveals all directions of the gastronomic traditions of this region. Experiencing the Glam restaurant is a guide to Venetian cuisine, its uniqueness, meaningfulness, awareness.

Impeccable serving, visual enjoyment, aesthetics are evident in every dish, from new experimental positions to signature dishes. I want to point out the completely fresh and new style of Mr. Donato, which pleasantly surprises and sets him apart, along with Enrico Bartolini from many of the starred chefs in Italy and France.

That is why Glam differs from other restaurants, precisely in that here you will find an absolute and full location analysis.

Glam has a peculiar character and style of its own, I would even say that Glam, with several other restaurants, is “the locomotive” of Italian fine dining.

When visiting Venice, you should definitely book a lunch or dinner at this restaurant. Great atmosphere, stylish interiors, art objects, accompanied by an impeccable menu by the talented Ascani Donato and Enrico Bartolini. All this creates a brilliant and vivid memory and complements the fabulous Venice.

Speaking of a restaurant as a part of the global restaurant industry, one should understand the importance of this specific one. Of course, the location is a big advantage, but the kitchen laboratory work does a great job, with nobility and pride. Glam promotes the heritage of Italy by interpreting and displaying its knowledge, skills, and invests deeply in research. Providing such an accurate and careful service for every guest makes the restaurant irreplaceable and exceptional. Prestigious nominations and 2 Michelin stars clearly show that Italy values and is proud of this project.


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