Letter from Christina Rusu, Editor-In-Chief

Dear friends,
this time our Spring release is going to be different. We, as any business should, develop, expand our audience, work on mistakes and weaknesses, set new goals, achieve them and never stop dreaming! This release turned out to be especially refined, sophisticated, but with a strong character and clear positions.

I know it’s not the right time, but I want us to celebrate life, enjoy the moment and believe in the FUTURE.
After all, the future is in our hands, we are the creators of this, we are responsible for a bright and peaceful future. And no matter how difficult it is, if tomorrow is in the hands of an optimist, no matter what, good things are inevitable!

Over the next three months of this issue, we will introduce you to interesting, bright and talented people, recommend you worthy places for a drink and dinner, talk about art and, of course, about jewelry.
This season, a lot of attention will be on creativity and the implementation of creative projects! This will be one step up to support and develop young talents!
I want to be closer to you, our readers, so there will be a lot of my personal recommendations in this issue. Let’s get to know each other better!

with love,

Christina Rusu

Christina Rusu, Editor-In-Chief

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