Victoria Beckham’s seductively classy Spring 2021

A few days ago, Victoria Beckham’s new collection was presented at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London, by the way, I wrote about the Victoria Miro gallery, which is located in Venice.

I have had a drive for Victoria Beckham fashion voice since her first collection. She has established herself as a revolutionary in the fashion industry, successfully pivoting between “sexy” and “cool”. Her class and message immediately appeal to her customers: a woman who chooses this brand is a self-confident person, for whom personality is a priority over trends.

In the new collection, the 1970s have become freer, and from there, even bolder and more masculine, but at the same time sensual and seductive.

The brand has always been distinguished by a slim silhouette, but in this collection freedom and ease were added to the rigor.

Although it all started scandalously enough. Victoria posted a photo of a blue blouse with naked nipples a few days before the presentation of the collection. Many judgmental viewers flocked to her Instagram, saying that it was tasteless and classless in 2020, but only a few people knew that these were Victoria’s breasts! “There was me thinking we all have nipples” the designer shrugged. “I would like you to write that they are my breasts because they are” she added even more sarcastic. “They’re good, aren’t they?”

Victoria has always strived for exoteric heights in fashion and this collection has definitely taken her one step forward.

It has already been historically proven that after pandemics, wars, and economic crises, there usually is a simplification of styles in art, jewelry, and fashion. However I wouldn’t refer to that as a simplification in this case; more of emancipation, filled with joy and the vibes of a cozy, intimate, elegant party.

Speaking of downsizing in parties, Victoria has been smart enough about the post-pandemic global situation. Therefore, instead of the usual 45 looks, there were 21 and only 4 models. The only guests of the show were her husband and children. This is a noble example for colleagues and shows a respectful attitude towards global issues.

Returning to the collection: long loose-fitting dresses, flared trousers – I mean very flared – discreet trench coats and jackets are the sexuality of 2021. Respect for your body and mental harmony, self-respect, strength, success. The woman of the brand is a woman with a stable social opinion, independent, and once again, FREE.

David Beckham about how Victoria created her new collection

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