Top 5 breakfast spots for this fall in Rome

Breakfast is the only informal meal that does not require specific rules, protocols, or other strict etiquette conventions. Breakfast doesn’t even require social contact, which is where the tradition of reading the newspaper – so as not to engage in unwanted conversation – comes from. But let’s not go into the details of morning etiquette.

First and foremost, a pleasant start of the day energizes and cheers you up. Some people are quite principled about this, while others sometimes do not eat breakfast at all. Either way, there are days when it is important to reconnect to our reality in a pleasant atmosphere, with good service and some nice additional bonuses.

Hotel de la Ville in Rome, Rocco Forte Hotels

SURREAL GENERATION has selected top 5 breakfast spots for this fall in Rome if you are in the mood to treat yourself well:

J.K. Place Roma Hotel

Renowned as a cozy and unique hotel in the center of Rome, the J.K. Place Roma Hotel provides an excellent breakfast atmosphere. A very relaxing environment but with inspirational elements, books, art, and photographs.

The clever arrangement of furniture provides comfortable accommodation for one or two people, as well as for a larger company or family. The cafè is roomy and well organized so that everyone has their own space and won’t interfere with other guests.

The menu is quite varied and takes into account the different tastes and needs of guests, from eggs and bacon to pancakes with honey and berries.

Breakfast in this wonderful atmosphere is ideal for people who value this time of their day, as attention to detail, care for guests, and quality service are in the air.The place is suitable for a slow and carefree breakfast, and a pleasant conversation with a partner.

Sant’Eustachio il Caffe

A historic café in Rome that encloses both importance and uniqueness. Visiting this place should be deliberate, as the main role is played by coffee and the cultural significance of this drink.

SURREAL GENERATION recommends reading the review of this place before paying a visit.

A breakfast stop in this bar is inevitably revolving around its dark and aromatic masterpiece. After enjoying what is probably the best coffee ever, guests can purchase various coffee gadgets, chocolate, and pastries. Romans and knowledgeable tourists have created a tradition around this place, so Sant’Eustachio has become not only a landmark in Rome but also brought something special to the lives of its visitors.

Chiostro del Bramante

The gallery café offers its guests a pretty rare benefit in Rome – a working area. Comfortable, soft armchairs and sofas, pleasant light, relaxing music all end up being conducive for productive activity. And for inspiration, guests can simply stroll around the courtyard.

All you need is to choose a drink and something to eat. Chiostro del Bramante offers a selection of different cheesecakes, cakes, and also something salty, despite not being typical for Roman cafes.

The “A visual protest” exhibition by Banksy is currently taking place, until April 11, 2021. Lastly, one more pleasant bonus, there is a bookstore where you can often find rare and very valuable books on the same floor. Happy hunting!

Hotel de la Ville, Rocco Forte Hotels

Gourmet breakfast at the top of the Spanish Steps. Rocco Forte in Rome has become a second home for celebrities. The hotels are located in a beautiful areas, provide quality services, and know what wrapping up in comfort means.

With care and love, they provide breakfast and create a special atmosphere. Guests can choose from two halls: a more formal one and a more relaxing one. Both options will be a good morning experience. Here guests can fully immerse themselves in Italian chic. I just want to cross my legs, open the fresh press, and then discuss the latest news with a friend.

DOOR-TO-DOOR by ZIA at home

Since we have been experiencing some restrictions and health recommendations, it’s time to give free rein to fantasy. Organizing a special breakfast at home is very easy if you give trust to the professionals.

SURREAL GENERATION recommends Door-to-door by Zia restaurant and their already legendary desserts.

Aesthetic beauty, French technique, and exquisite taste will help you to live through this difficult time, finding a glimmer of harmony and tranquility. By ordering desserts at home or even at the office, you will contribute to making emotional, unforgettable little moments, replicating fine dining feelings just by having breakfast.

SURREAL GENERATION editors continue looking for the best places and the best recommendations for our readers. Stay tuned!


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