Christmas gift ideas

I believe that the best present is something, that a person won’t buy themselves because there are always more important things to spend money on. This way, wishes end up being at the end of the list of priorities, in the “I don’t really need it” group. Christmas is a perfect occasion to make the life of your nearest and dearest a bit happier by adding a special missing puzzle piece to their lives.

Makeup brushes. Those best ones

If you have a make-up lover around, they will always be happy to get a new toy. Especially, the superior quality ones, like Hakuhodo brushes from Japan. All their brushes are hand-crafted, that guarantees a certain level of perfection. The variety of the items might be overwhelming if you are not into make-up, therefore don’t hesitate to use their live chat to make the right choice. 

S102 Finishing Brush. © 2020, Hakuhodo USA.

Bathtub caddy

Winter is coming, which makes hot bath sessions even more desirable. Add a book, or an episode of your favorite TV-series, some candles, maybe a glass of wine… A bathtub caddy can be a nice present for your hedonist friend, who loves relaxing for hours in a bathtub. There are plenty of options in the market, from minimalistic ones to Swiss-army knife-like function-wise. Make sure it has a section for a book/tablet and a reliable glass-holder. Some candles put next to the caddy will definitely make the receiver even happier.

Japanese tea

It’s great that nowadays one can find good tea in almost any medium-big city on this planet. And tea-shops have these cute Christmas packages and limited tea-blends for the holiday season with spices, I know, I know. But why would we look for an easy way? Any tea-lover would be ecstatically happy to receive a selection of teas directly from Japan, and your dearest tea-lover is not an exception. Complement tea with handcrafted traditional tea-pot or other utensils, and don’t forget to pick gift wrapping with lines from the world’s first tea-treatise.

Chocolate by the best chocolatier 

Pamper a sweet-tooth with a box of chocolate sweets by Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini – the best pastry chef in the world in 2020. Apart from award-winning quality chocolate, its aesthetic appearance, and wonderful packaging, these chocolates are produced in accordance with principles of sustainability. In addition, Pierre masters the entire chocolate production process and roasts the cocoa beans himself. 

Two-drawer “Noël” Gift Box. © 2020 Pierre Marcolini Group.

A coffee-table book

This type of book seems to have been invented to be gifted. Coffee table books are big-sized, heavy, and full of images, so one can take a break having coffee/tea/wine and leaf through a book for aesthetic pleasure. People don’t buy them for themselves, but most of them would be delighted to receive one as a present. It’s enough to know what a person likes: flowers, Her Majesty, interior design, etc. to make the right choice.

Her Majesty. A Photographic History 1926–Today. TASCHEN © 2020 

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