Exquisitely noble Christmas gifts from Editor-in-chief

Gifts are a way of expressing your feelings, showing attention and care, and most importantly they can leave an authentic aftertaste of someone’s personality. The right thing given in a certain manner can be more eloquent than a cheesy phrase. I am among those who often end up finding it easier to express feelings and care with deeds, rather than words.

If you think about it, surprising someone with a present out of the blue is memorable, although the tradition and expectations of the Christmas season become a must-do-occasion to tell the people who have an important place in our lives and our hearts that we love them.

I’m pleased to share my ideas with you. These are the things that I would gladly give to my loved ones and would also be glad to receive.

Christina Rusu, Editor-in-chief

A little something I always keep in mind and that my mother always told me: “Before thinking about what to give to a person who has everything, you should think about those who have nothing.” Yes, this is a call for wise consumption and charity as well.

Every Christmas, Easter, and whenever she could, my mother would help children from disadvantaged families, cancer patients, and lonely elderly people. The ones who need help and support the most, and to whom our kindness and care should be directed because it can warm their hearts and give them hope. In memory of my mom, I will never miss the chance to do this, and as this served as an example to me, I felt like sharing it with my readers.

You don’t need to be a popular Instagram personality who can raise millions for charity. You can also make a difference with a small amount of money, good warm clothes, and just some food goods.It doesn’t matter who you believe in or what political party you support, the winter holidays should be an opportunity to leave a little warmth in everyone.

And returning to the special gifts for our loved ones, here are my suggestions:

Hermès object

This is probably one of the noblest brands out there, and it is they who are doing what I call “silent charity.” They are the ones who respect and care for their employees, keeping salaries untouched even during a pandemic and trying their best not to cut jobs; it is this brand that makes a huge contribution to the fight against COVID-2019; they were the ones who did honest charity work even before it became mainstream for fashion houses; and it is them who prefer to remain silent about it, maintaining modesty and generosity.

Hermès Christmas 2020 Postcard

Therefore, I believe that any gift from Hermès, from accessories to furniture, is communion with something meaningful and noble. And by choosing a gift from this brand, you may have saved someone’s life or made it better at least.

Think about it.

The Kate Moss Coupe

Besides the necessary, gifts should also be unique. After all, a present is chosen not only for the person, but it also reflects your character and personality.

For example, by choosing this I have been able to combine my professional hobby for etiquette, passion for art, and sympathy for Kate Moss. Moreover, if I gave such a gift to my lover, it would be a beautiful confession, with a rather sensual message.

The Kate Moss Coupe

By this description, I mean a bright and daring collaboration between Kate Moss and the artist Jane McAdam Freud, to celebrate Kate Moss’ 40th birthday and 25 years in the fashion industry. The top model collaborated with McAdam Freud to create a pair of champagne glasses by the shape of her breast (the glasses were designed after her left breast in case anyone needs details). This gift is not only an exquisite home bar item but also a piece of art.

It does not matter if you give it to your eternal love or temporary lover, he/she will remember such a stylish and special gift forever, and you will remember yourself with pride.

Buy here: https://34-restaurant.co.uk/the-kate-moss-coupe/

A little ceremony

Talking about remembering yourself with pride, not as eternal as The Kate Moss Coupe, the number one instant classic. The best gift is always a book, or is it? Surely it has become quite commonplace. So what if you made a little ceremony out of this?

Here’s an idea to turn something potentially boring into something glorious: find out what a person is interested in (country, culture, art) and make them dream on Christmas Eve.

If, for example, your loved one is passionate about Japan, cook a Japanese dinner (the 5th edition of Aiste Miseviciute will help you a lot) and present a good collection of books about Japan: culture, poetry, architecture, whatever.

The Rothschild Surrealistic Ball, 1972

If your favorite, for example, is a fan of Salvador Dali, prepare a surrealistic dinner, in the same style that took place at The Rothschild in 1972. Not the most appropriate theme for Christmas, I agree, but we are not from Sunday school either.

Love Letter

I understand that my readers have a lot in common with me. So welcome to the ‘hard to say I need you’ club. Because we prefer to show it with our actions, and in order not to separate your loved one from tender words, you can even think of purchasing a letter at an auction.

Hello from November 18, 1870

It can be a letter from a famous person addressed to their wife/husband, parents, brother or sister, it can be a valuable document like a way to say ‘thank you for your support’, it can be an unpublished poem or an awkward drawing. This present has the charm and uniqueness of a secret love message whispered in someone’s ear, which will be only yours forever.

Happy Holidays,

Christina Rusu


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