Exquisitely noble Christmas gifts from Editor-in-chief

Gifts are a way of expressing your feelings, showing attention and care, and most importantly they can leave an authentic aftertaste of someone’s personality. The right thing given in a certain manner can be more eloquent than a cheesy phrase. I am among those who often end up finding it easier to express feelings and care with deeds, rather than words. If you think about … Continue reading Exquisitely noble Christmas gifts from Editor-in-chief

5 addresses of art in Venice

Venice is a place densely inhabited by art. A city where the High Renaissance and contemporary art perfectly coexist. An endless number of exhibitions, cultural events, museums, and galleries are filled with an enthusiastic audience. World-renowned creators, artists, collectors, and creatives come here for inspiration and useful contacts. In this article, I have selected 5 must-see galleries to start your acquaintance with the Venetian art … Continue reading 5 addresses of art in Venice

Charming squares of Rome

It’s a ready-made relaxing walkthrough of 6 squares in Rome’s historical city center, which will show you how different the main landmarks of this city can be: cozy, monumental, ancient, baroque, crowded, empty, touristic, and tranquil. About 1.5 hours before the sun sets, from the first spot to just enjoy, fill up your eyes and mind with beauty. St. Ignazio square. Start your walk from … Continue reading Charming squares of Rome