5 hotels in Italy for an inspiring fall

Have you noticed that autumn is a very special time of the year? A little detached, poetic, cozy, with a light drama. This season is an inspiration for many people in the arts and sciences. Despite the melancholy, this season tends to fling a quite productive vibe too. This is the time when you slow down and find calmness after the summer activity, and your mind gets more focused and begins to think clearly. 

Here we have chosen the ideal spots for a quiet pastime. Places of strength and care, in close contact with nature and historical heritage. These hotels are located in Italy, ready to enhance all the benefits of autumn (with a slight edge over other seasons).

Reschio, Umbria

Let me start with my personal wishlist. This hotel has always had a special place in my heart and I bow down to the family and the people who created this and maintain this place, working honestly in harmony with nature. The hotel premises comprise a huge plot of land, olive trees, a garden, vineyards, where they grow vegetables and make their oil and wine. Reschio is completely sustainable, respecting nature and making it a priority value. Golden hills, the aroma of porcini mushrooms, truffle season, berries and grapes “burning” on the branches. This hotel is rural poetry that embraces your soul.

The design and architecture are thoroughly worked out, paying tribute to the historical heritage of the location. “The design should feel like you are walking into somewhere that suits you perfectly, that you have known for years but still holds surprises …” Benedikt Bolza says. I honestly can’t get enough of this hotel.

To conclude, a notable chapter of the hotel turns out to be the horses. Noble and elegant creatures to enchant guests. Reschio‘s stables are home to some of the world’s most skilled dressage horses.

Forestis, the Dolomites

In the Dolomites, there is a Hotel that stands out for its simplicity and minimalism. This is a place for meditation and a complete emotional restart, a place where your consciousness rests, this is where harmony and peace live. Forestis, as if it were part of nature, pays the utmost care to the use of natural resources. Natural materials and clean, simple style reflect the tranquility and power of the surrounding forest.

The energetically charged hotel provides many mountain and forest activities in the UNESCO-protected area.

A special emphasis is given to forest cuisine. The chef exalts the local ingredients, demonstrating the richness of the Dolomites and the responsible use of what nature has to offer, the menu is as harmonious as everything here.

The philosophy of the hotel is simplicity, where you can find endless resources!

Casa di Langa, Piedmont

In the homeland of the best white truffle, Cada di Langa lies quietly among the golden hills that plunged into autumn. Owning hectares of vineyards, this place takes you to the atmosphere and life of Piedmont. From how the hotel is built to the meal on your plate, it’s all local and sustainable. You will find yourself enjoying the sounds, smells, and noises of the Italian countryside.

It is especially pleasant to be there right now, in autumn, enjoying the fertile Piedmont and of course to take part in the search for the finest white truffle. Agree, in this place you can find many trophies and simple joys of life. Reading a good book, breathing in the rich alpine air of Piedmont, enjoying the vibrant flavors of seasonal autumn gastronomic riches and feel it all!

Sextantio, Abruzzo

This marvelous hotel is located in the mountains of Abruzzo at 1250 meters above sea level, inside the ‘Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga’ national park. The hotel accurately conveys the life and culture of a Medieval city. Precisely. Furniture and fittings are purchased at auctions and in museums, and what we use in a modern interior (which was not in use in the Middle Ages) is made from recycled materials, preserving the style, texture, and smell of that time. Sextantio does everything possible (and impossible) to preserve the culture and life of those years. It is impossible to remain indifferent to this thrill and truly historical legacy.

By choosing this place you join in that historical period. You become a part of that history, you feel it on yourself and most importantly, you contribute to the restoration of abandoned towns and houses, since this is exactly the ultimate mission of this hotel.

Palazzo Daniele, Puglia

Inspiring space, filled up with art and light, the 19th-century palazzo is an experience everyone should have. The minimalistic beauty accented with art objects is breathtaking and leaves no words. 9 rooms that seem to teleport you to another reality. The texture and color of the walls, seen for generations; painted ceilings, like windows back into history; and finely crafted artworks to inspire and celebrate the historical significance of this astounding location.

Wandering around the greenhouse, you can get lost among the trees and relax, and there is also an antique building, so to speak, a “tea room”, where you can dine in two, in absolute privacy and harmony.


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