Green Pass at Retrobottega in Rome

Open kitchen, where chefs can demonstrate their skillful abilities; deep black color that absorbs reality and helps to immerse in the atmosphere and focus on the dinner; wood, metal, and stone, which cool the mind. Retrobottega has long been a trendy dining destination. It is difficult to get in, and it is impossible to forget once you’ve managed to.

Guests are provided with 2 menus: A. and V.: animals and vegetables. Needless to say, how important it is to have a solid vegetarian menu nowadays, both from a technical point of view and for the reputation in general. 8 positions of painstaking work, impressive research and ingenious ideas are on your table. New trends and a completely fresh look of the chefs set the level and spice up the competition for fine dining in Rome. Besides, it’s great to see clear eyes and an inspired team burning with a common idea.

The World of Fine Dining is focusing on vegetable-based and plant-based menus. This is an inevitable future. An inevitable responsible future. Retrobottega has already taken on this responsibility and is confidently leading restaurants that are passionate about today’s global challenges. It is worth noticing and encouraging the talk on the subject. Boldly, openly and proudly. Just think that the passing of the annual limit on the use of the planet’s resources occurred on July 30, 2021, for the rest of the year we live borrowing in advance. The issue of consumption is acutely current, and who else if not fine dining will set an example on this in the food industry to help us all switch to rational consumption?

This sophisticated restaurant, Retrobottega, stands still as an ambassador for the future. When a project does not fall apart because of the trends and whims of society but purposefully proves its stance, such a project is bound to empower and influence its industry.

SURREAL GENERATION will definitely come back for the second menu and look forward to the new victories of Retrobottega and its terrific team!


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