Easy Cheesecake by Irina Odoardi

“To find a decent cheesecake in Italy, like any other non-native Italian delicacy, is at least very hard, not to say almost impossible.The great love I have for this dessert left me no other choice but to try to bake it myself.

To be honest, the most difficult thing was choosing a recipe: there are so many completely different recipes that it is almost impossible to understand which one is the best.

After reading several options and feeling even more confused, I decided to do it my way, simplifying everything as much as possible. The result was an amazing cheesecake, so take a look down here:


  • 400 grams of cookies
  • 1/3 pack of butter
  • 500 grams of cream cheese
  • 2 table spoons of Mascarpone
  • 3 eggs
  • Cream
  • Sugar


1) I crumbled about 400 g of cookies and mixed them with melted butter (1/3 pack).

2) Put in a split form and tamped the base of the cookies crumble with butter; straightened in the oven at 180 degrees for exactly 5 minutes.

3) Two packs of cream cheese (Philadelphia) + sugar (by eye) – I stirred with a mixer at a slow speed, added a couple of spoons of mascarpone, one at a time, added three eggs (stirring after each addition), and a little cream. The result is a homogeneous viscous mass. I understand that it is primarily important not to beat it so that there are no bubbles.

4) Put the oven at 130 degrees. Place a baking sheet with water on the lower level. On the middle level, a baking form with the foundation and cream and leave for an hour and a half.

5) After turning off the oven, I opened the door and left the cake inside for another forty minutes. Then, at room temperature, I cooled it for another 20 minutes and put it in the refrigerator overnight!

Enjoy!” —

Irina Odoardi, photographer in Portugal and Italy

Photo credit: Irina Odoardi


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