Baby, it’s Covid outside or Fine dining evolution 2021. Beginning

Any historical events, political, economic, and climatic changes, lead to changes in almost every aspect of human life. The pandemic is making it going forward faster and more evidently, unfortunately. Fine dining has never been as unstable and removable as it is at the beginning of 2021. It is almost impossible to control this since the situation is unpredictably changing day after day.

New formats are knocking on the door, or rather, they blew the door to hell and rushed in with their own rules, giving no chance of compromise. All this leads to evolution, which has already begun, and as you know, evolution might be a positive process in the end.

The most difficult and important thing is not to ignore new ways to restore and develop hospitality, but at the same time be selective and prefer quality to quantity, which is especially difficult to do at this time.

Fine dining suffers much more, since not only it is illegal today to dine in restaurants (Rome, Italy), but it is almost impossible to re-interpret Fine dining at home. Some chefs find smart and resourceful solutions, so Vladimir Mukhin held Zoom dinners, which is a very unusual and interesting experience, compensating for the social distance with a group call. In this way, the guest can not only join the company of strangers with common interests, but for example, celebrate their special occasion by inviting family and friends to a Zoom dinner, and restaurant delivery and instructions from the chef will do the rest.

Many restaurants offer their unique menu for the holidays (Christmas Eve, New Year’s Dinner, Valentine’s Day, etc.). The menu is much simplified so that anyone can cook it up, bake it, heat it, and make an aesthetically beautiful dish. The downside is that the industry of Fine dining depreciates and loses its level in the market.

If there is a problem, then there must be a solution. It is simple and obvious that restaurateurs will have to pay extra attention and invest as much as possible in their suppliers and rare quality ingredients. Creativity has never been such a necessary and integral part of the productive work of a restaurant, although of course, it has always been the key to success.

Providing something rare and unique in times of scarcity can play very well and provide lucrative feedback.

Consequently, the restaurant evolution in 2021 is about simplification of techniques, and a thorough search for new and unique ingredients.

We live in potentially stimulating times, albeit frightening. Uncertainty about the future makes us act rationally today, hoping for a bright future with minimal losses.

Wait and see.


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