Make It Casual

Jewelry for every day is a special chapter in the art of jewelry: progressive solutions, technical leaps and bounds, and of course, comfort. Everyday jewelry should be comfortable – this is the most important quality and will be prioritized, followed by versatility and… character. The last one is very difficult to convey, but sometimes jewelry for every day indeed carries more meaning and personality than even high jewelry.

For example, if you consider two large jewelry Maisons and their creation for “simply jewelry”, these works are striking in their power and significance.

For Cartier, the cat print first appeared in 1914 with White Diamonds and Onyx. Eight years later this design was used for various accessories. Only after the Second World War, Panthere became the most powerful symbol of Cartier; after that, many houses have used cat motifs.

Cartier really put the Panthere on the pedestal of its creations. 152 carats Kashmir SAPPHIRE Cabochon, Fancy Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, and many many Diamonds covered the cat goddess. The most powerful women of the time were seduced by it. This past is not over, the influence of the Panthere by Cartier remains unchanged to this day.

Cartier Panthere Brooch in Yellow Gold with Emeralds

Although it is the casual look that the Panthere got thanks to the 80s glam aesthetic which granted another boost. Yellow Gold, Black Enamel, and Emeralds in the eyes were the perfect formula for the “less sophisticated” Panthere.

Cartier still uses this design today, interpreting and creating variations. These collections have become a favorite for modern connoisseurs of the jewelry house of the 21st century, and the Panthere has become a classic, a laconic addition to the image, and most importantly – a free and strong-willed character that channels the personality of their owner.

Cartier Panthere Ring in Yellow Gold with Emeralds (circa 1980s)

The second most important is the Monete Collection by Bvlgari. “Why not doing something contemporary with what is immortal?” is exactly the idea that Nicola Bulgari had and it’s just brilliant. Coins have become a new and very powerful chapter for Bvlgari, and the hunt for the item with Coins continues today.

In 1966, Nicola created his first piece with coins for his father, who was passionate about numismatic. In the same year Giorgio Bulgari passed away and the three brothers took over the management of the brand.

Bvlgari Yellow Gold Chain with Six Ancient Coins (circa 1960s); Bvlgari Tubogas Serpenti Yellow Gold Watch (circa 1970s); Two Burma Sapphires & Ceylon Sapphire Yellow Gold Chain Bracelet with Baguette-cut Diamonds by Bvlgari (circa 1980s); 25-carat Cabochon Sapphire Ring, mounted in Yellow Gold by Bvlgari (circa 1980s)

Celebrities very quickly fell in love with this collection and began to wear coins in the morning and even at night. Monete Collection began to appear on the covers of magazines and in the collections of very important celebrities and politicians.

Bvlgari Coins are created for strong people with a uniquely clear life position. Each coin is technically individualised, each piece of jewelry is one of a kind and historically valuable.

Bvlgari Yellow Gold Chain with Six Ancient Coins (circa 1960s); Bvlgari Tubogas Serpenti Yellow Gold Watch (circa 1970s)

From chains, giving more drama, coins have been shaped into the Tubogas since the 70s and this technical solution was the second powerful wave for the collection.

Today it is not easy at all to become the owner of a Bvlgari Coin piece, but it is worthy and honorable.

It is fascinating to follow how everyday jewelry has become the signature of the brand and acquires historical significance. Everything ingenious is simple and unambiguously stylish, influential, and beautiful.


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