Abruzzo Land in Rome

The Adriatic Sea, Apennine mountains, nature reserves, medieval towns, incredible local cuisine. All this is contained in one of the most beautiful, yet still intact and wild regions of Italy – Abruzzo. This place is the “greenest part” of Italy, and it is here that a visitor can immerse completely and feel the freedom and majesty of nature… either if your exploration seeks unforgettable landscapes or gastronomic adventures.

This peculiar, local discovery can be done in Rome as well, in a chamber space filled with the spirit of Abruzzo and that wonderful atmosphere – at Pastorie restaurant. Chef, Angelo Del Vecchio, was born into a family where food and products were treated with respect, since his very childhood he was brought up with the culture of cooking and consuming food. They also instilled special attention to the value of labor and the importance of research.

Angelo Del Vecchio: “Lately, it has become a fad, but where I grew up food has always been taken seriously. I was brought up through the example that made me realize everything is originated by an effort, an action that reveals one’s attitude and inner spirit, one’s vision of life. This is particularly visible during meals, in the dishes, in the way they are prepared or chosen. … I used to follow my grandfather around the fields in religious silence. I didn’t have distractions as in the city. I was focused and committed to finding the fruits hidden among the tangled branches of the plants, but popping out in vivid colors.”

Pastorie restaurant is a real piece of Abruzzo with character and soul, it is amazing how a small space can convey the important components of the whole region and its culture. The cooking technique emphasizes tradition but is progressive and even challenging.

Probably, the secret is in the chef’s wise approach to his work and his philosophy about cuisine and ingredients in general: Pastorie was conceived to reconnect with our regional identity and preserve it: without typical restaurants (‘Trattoria’ in Italian) we tend to fade out, we become pale. What I mean is that we shouldn’t always follow mainstream trends, as this would eventually make us lose our identity.”

The menu changes depending on the season, and in general the menu is quite mobile and the chef consistently adjusts it to the availability and relevance. Of course, traditions have been preserved, and so dishes as Arrosticini, without which it would be impossible to imagine Abruzzo. Angelo takes the traditions of his origin as a basis, saying that a tree without roots falls and dies.

The restaurant is quite ambitious with a principled position, which is very valuable today. The chef and the team are passionate about their work and this can be seen in the result.

Hospitality, professionalism, attention to detail and perfectionism, the desire to convey to the guest all the pride and greatness of Abruzzo, and allow complete immersion in tradition and history – these are the main tasks of the team, and they successfully deal with them.


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