3rd Issue. Letter from the Editor-in-chief, Christina Rusu

Dear readers,

despite all the difficulties and the unstable situation of the whole world, spring has come. And with this season, comes a glimmer of hope.

I find it difficult to choose words to summarize or outline plans, so I want to share another idea: I want to call you to love!

Christina Rusu, Editor-in-chief

Take care of yourself, love yourself, listen to yourself! Remember that everything starts with ourselves! Surround yourself with positive vibes, be kind to others, respect your home and nature around you. Always remember that you are a part of this world and you are very important!

Due to certain circumstances, the world has altered its usual rhythm. Take advantage of this time! Re-read your favorite book or start reading what you have been planning for a long time, furnish your home, devote more time to your hobbies, learn new skills.

It hurts me to see this and I am very worried about those who during this period lost loved ones, lost their jobs, or fell into depression. We are going through unquestionably difficult times, but we are together, and we will be back stronger than ever!

The 3rd edition of SURREAL GENERATION will help to distract a little. My editor Evgenia and I will do our best to support each of you, tune in to the positive, and give you the best that we can. We will try to inspire you and give you HOPE!

I am infinitely glad that although our magazine was born during the pandemic, our ambitions and plans have not weakened, we keep our philosophy and adhere to the concept. Thanks to our partners for their trust and support, and thank you, dear readers, for inspiring us.

Kind regards,


Christina Rusu

Christina Rusu, Editor-in-chief

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