Who is Levi Higgs and why everyone wants to be his friend?

Everyone involved in the jewelry business or just interested in vintage and antique jewelry knows Levi Higgs. At the moment, his social media activity is a rich source of information, impressive with his researchers and, not least, with his exquisite taste, because this is one of the main criteria for a successful influencer in the field of fashion, style and, of course, jewelry. Levi is a welcome guest at private events, his voice and opinion are authoritative and important for the jewelry world. Besides that, there are things that are associated with him, such as “Virgin and the Unicorn”, the pendant that Levi wears, bold and massive rings, and, well, weekends in style. You should follow Levi’s Instagram just for his weekends and always sophisticated taste for hanging out.
So let’s break down who Levi Higgs is and why everyone wants to be his friend.

Levi Higgs, head of Archives and Brand Heritage at David Webb

Levi Higgs and David Webb

Levi handles David Webb’s visual content and brand archives. The brand’s collaboration with Levi is successful and brilliant. Bright and colorful campaigns, high quality technical photos. To be absolutely honest, if we are talking about David Webb today, we are also talking about Levi, because he is so imbued with the brand and promotes its philosophy and reputation so accurately that it is impossible not to mention Levi when talking about the activity of the brand.

Levi Higgs as a writer and influencer

Levi writes about jewelry. His language is professional, precise and filled with facts. He is the very rare person today who gives an accurate review, based on arguments and knowledge. In a world filled with mediocrity and bloggers, Levi is a master at sharing his valuable insights with readers. I’m sure Levi’s audience is thoughtful people. I feel myself at the most interesting lecture, reading his articles and notes.

Levi Higgs as creative director

In addition to working at David Webb, curating exhibitions, successful photo campaigns, Levi shared another great project with us – window design. He decorated the window for The Winter Snow for the Easter holidays, and honestly, it is impossible to break away from this concise, stylish and refined window display. And it has everything: strength and character, style and sophistication, this showcase, as a separate world, simply lives its triumph. I’m looking forward for the next windows designed by Levi.

Summing up, who is Levi Higgs, I would describe him in these words: he is a young ambitious professional, with a subtle sense and understanding of art, a creative mindset with fresh bright ideas. He is a trendsetter and respected specialist in the jewelry world.


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