7 Highly Desired Advent Calendars 2022

SURREAL GENERATION cannot miss such an important part of the year as Christmas and preparations for it. This holiday remains the most cozy, warm and long-awaited, no matter how old we are, and no matter what changes take place in our lives.

You should prepare in advance and properly for Christmas, without missing any of the steps. So set the mood, decorate the Christmas tree and choose the best Advent Calendar for your loved ones. I’m going to share with you some ideas with selected luxury Advent calendars right here and now.

By the way, I also propose to move away from the material things, and think about the spiritual, making a gift to yourself. For example, I plan to compliment strangers every day in December before Christmas, I want to give a smile to 24 people and fill my heart with joy and kindness.

If I had to choose what kind of superhero to become, then I would definitely prefer to be Santa Claus.

Acqua Di Parma

Twenty-five gifts of colours and joy in an explosion of hues and radiance, only with Acqua di Parma’s Advent Calendar, the star of the Holiday Collection dressed in a visual symphony of the Maison’s golden shades of yellow with seasonal accents of red and green.
The one-of-a-kind print is inspired by a Florentine artisanal technique by Italian craftsmen. The countdown to the Holidays begins as every window unveils a daily surprise to immerse in the complete Acqua di Parma universe, from Colonia and Blu Mediterraneo to Signatures of the Sun and the Home Collection.
The iconic Acqua di Parma hatbox is inspired by a luminous Italian home and makes for a stunning addition to your space.


As you count down the days to Christmas, discover an extraordinary hive, specially decorated for the occasion by artist Aleksandra Miletić. Untie the shiny gold ribbon to open it and discover the 25 wonderful gifts hidden in the incredible Hive Advent Calendar. One by one, the drawers reveal a precious surprise which order remains a closely guarded secret.


The Whiskey ocean is full of treasures, but it’s vast and deep, so venturing on a tasting voyage alone might be intimidating. Flaviar’s Whiskey Advent Calendar is a carefully-curated chest of twenty-four precious finds from seven seas of Whiskey: Bourbon and Rye, Scotch and Irish, Japanese and Australian – and much more.


A celestial object, alluring and mysterious, appears among the stars. Diptyque’s Advent Calendar, in a deep black, combines all the shades of the night and is adorned with the phosphorescent Milky Way. Each of the 25 days, corresponds to a new constellation, gleaming with stars and dancing letters, revealing a new Diptyque treasure, in a retail or discovery size, to accompany the joyous festivities of December. For the first time, the Advent Calendar includes the three limited-edition festive scents: A small Sapin/Pine Tree candle and mini Neige/Snow and Spark/Étincelles candles. The calendar retains its magic even after the holidays: reuse it to hold your treasures. To end the year in wonder. This year, the Diptyque’s Advent Calendar glows in the dark.


Indulge your home with the Wedgwood luxury advent calendar for 2022. This period-style house contains 24 beautiful mini ornaments, each one patiently waiting to be taken out of the individual drawers in the lead up to Christmas. Exquisitely detailed, each decoration is made from porcelain inspired by their iconic blue and white jasper.


Dr. Barbara Sturm announces the launch of her luxurious Advent Calendar. Reimagined for 2022, this year’s Calendar is housed within a beautiful, jewelry armoire-inspired gift box which opens to reveal two tiers, each containing individually numbered skincare surprises for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. The Advent Calender features a selection of Dr. Sturm’s most loved products, as well as her latest innovations, in full, deluxe and miniature sizes and makes the perfect Christmas gift, for either yourself or your loved ones.


Inspired by the holiday greeting cards Andy Warhol designed for Tiffany in the 1950s and ’60s, this year’s limited-edition Advent Calendar is an extraordinary work of art. Featuring Warhol’s festive illustrations and the world’s most famous color, the custom-designed calendar is filled with an extravagant selection of Tiffany designs to create the ultimate gift of the season. Evoking a stack of Tiffany Blue Boxes, the Tiffany & Co. x Andy Warhol Advent Calendar opens to reveal 24 remarkable gifts—from dazzling diamonds to showstopping jewelry—complete with numbered hangtags featuring the artist’s work. A feat of consummate craftsmanship, each Advent Calendar was crafted over a span of 50 hours from sustainable wood.


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