First Campaign of JEWELS IN ROME

My long silence here was reasonable. Perhaps many guessed or assumed that one of my most important activities is vintage jewelry.

Feeling fortunate, I can not help but mention the work and perseverance of all the people involved in this new stage. The knowledge and experience I have gained over the past few years has been an invaluable asset to the creation of Jewels in Rome, as has the support and mentorship of a 40 year old company and a pioneer in the rare and collectible vintage watch business WATCHES IN ROME. I am happy to announce this officially and openly share my knowledge, professionalism and stunning beauty of vintage jewelry.

Our first campaign was made on the streets of Rome, conveying the mood and concept of Jewels in Rome. Indeed, in addition to important events in tuxedos, couture dresses and high-level jewelry, we live our daily lives in which we wear even more items, and obviously we do this much more often, if not daily. In our campaign, we tried to show the pleasant daily routine of a lady living in a big city and expressing herself through her style in clothes and, of course, jewelry.

The leitmotif of this photo shoot was a piece of jewelry that is easy to wear and play with, setting different pieces with each other. The most important part, outfits for the campaign, was professionally curated by SOTA Store. I completely trusted the Sota team to style all the outfits and they did an amazing job.

You can find all the details below:

Jewels: DAVID WEBB FROG BANGLE BRACELET AND EARCLIPS (circa 1960, USA); Outfit: Bode Dotted Daisy Quilt Workwear Jacket, C.P. Company 1980s Orange Jacket, Engineered Garments Classic Shirt White Handkerchief Linen, Applied Art Forms DM1-3 Sculpture Pant Faded Charcoal

Jewels: CARTIER ‘Panthere de Cartier’ Bangle Bracelet with Sapphires and Diamonds (circa 1990, France) and Italian 19th century Natural Sapphire and Diamond Ring; Outfit: Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Double Rider Jacket, Merz Good Basics T-Shirt, 999 project Patchwork Bandana denim

Jewels and Watch: BULGARI Parentesi and Serpenti Rings with Diamonds and Peridot, ROLEX Daytona Ref. 6239 Paul Newman; Outfit: C.P. Company 1980s Flight Jacket, Engineered Garments SS23 Popover BD Shirt Pink/Olive Cotton Ethno Print, Helmut Lang 1999 Sand Washed Denim

Jewels and Watch: Bulgari Ring with Emerald, Bulgari Chandra Ring with Peridot and Citrine, Bulgari Chain Necklace with Coral, ROLEX Day Date with Red Stella Dial; Outfit: Bode Khaki Standard Trousers, Kapital Kountry Boro Sashiko Western Shirt, Kapital Ancient Stripe Fleece Beach Vest

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