Much ado about nothing

The new measure announced yesterday also determines the closure of bars and restaurants at 18:00.

After hours of negotiation with the Italian regions that wanted assistance for the owners of the hospitality businesses, this new decree in force until November, 24th was signed.
Although curfew has been avoided at a national level, it is already carried out in regions such as Lazio, Campania, Sicily, Calabria, and Lombardy. The regions are entitled to close the areas where gatherings can occur after 9 PM.
Restaurants, bars, pubs, ice cream parlors, and pastry shops can only operate from 5 AM to 6 PM although they can stay open on Sundays and holidays at least.

The measures taken so far are very reasonable and strategic. Despite the fact that people are spiritually tired of restrictions, the new bans give us the optimistic hope that we will be able to meet up with friends for Christmas dinner.

The hospitality business is suffering more than ever, it’s true. We are witnessing a dramatic plunge in their business, unemployment, economic crisis. Every day is a battle for survival, and unfortunately, many restaurants and bars might not make it.

But leadership will praise projects that are flexible, fast, and ready for change. As in any business, these qualities are among the most important to adapt for a better future. Some influential restaurants in Italy reacted with honor and dignity and announced their new opening hours yesterday.

The Roman restaurant Zia announced that it will be open for lunch, and the Door-to-door takeaway management will continue to delight its customers with impeccable desserts. I really think this is one of the most successful projects born during the lockdown in the restaurant business in Italy. Zia is currently showing good results and excellent management, which has logic and strategy.

Also, the Retrobottega restaurant switched to a lunch format and is ready to host its guests and give unforgettable emotions. Let me remind you that they are running several projects: Retropasta, Retrovino and Retrodelivery as well which work actively to convey their philosophy and uplifting values to people’s homes. Alessandro Miocchi commented that situation: “It is a challenging time, it looks like things will not sort out quickly. It is very important to adapt to changes in a fast a dynamic way, also because this is the only thing we have to survive at the moment. However changes can not be made only by us (restaurants), the entire community needs to somehow change and adapt to new habits.”

The Michelin-starred Per me Giulio Terrinoni restaurant provides delivery, which is also a good alternative for lunch and dinner, and a fun and exciting experience.

Restaurants across Italy have switched to new opening hours. The 3-starred Piazza Duomo restaurant opens its doors for lunch until November 24, 2020 and Niko Romito‘s projects also announced new opportunities.

This stressful situation forces restaurants to find new solutions and new ways. Leaving the comfort zone brings progress in most cases, I’m confident this theory is going to be proven this time too. And guests, as direct participants in this new system, can really make a difference.

Don’t skip breakfast at your favorite bar, have lunch at an excellent restaurant and dinner in a cozy home atmosphere. It doesn’t sound as bad as it seemed at first glance. Let’s give it a try!


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