Letter from Christina Rusu, Editor-in-Chief

Christina Rusu, Editor-in-Chief of SURREAL GENERATION

Dear friends,

my favorite holiday, Christmas, is coming in a few days, and today we start publishing a new issue of SURREAL GENERATION. I am delighted that we are starting a new page of our magazine in a festive atmosphere, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

This year, in particular, I have been experiencing a sort of crackling warmth for the upcoming Christmas. I decorated the tree with ornaments dear to my heart, placed nicely wrapped gifts under it, and even set up a dedicated menu for Christmas Eve.

During this year there have been fundamental changes in my life. Starting from the loss of the person I was closest to, ending with an absolute rethinking of my lifestyle. As a result, I have begun listening to myself more carefully. I have learned to set priorities correctly and look condescendingly at many problems in the world.

I still believe that kindness is an irreplaceable quality that everyone should develop in themselves. Being kind is not easy, it is daily work. But consider that the tiniest smile can save someone from negative thoughts and give hope. Dear friends, smile! Help those who need it now, plant trees, sort the trash, drink plenty of water and smile no matter what!

Summing up the results of the year I want to thank all our partners and customers, all readers, and of course, my small but irreplaceable team, highlighting Evgenia – the second editor who helps me in everything and develops our magazine. I am glad that we strictly adhere to our social position and quality is still our top priority. I am proud of our SURREAL GENERATION and my heart is smiling!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

All the best, Christina


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