SG’s Top dishes of 2021

Despite the uncertain world situation, I am delighted that 2021 has allowed us to visit and enjoy our favorite restaurants. I want to express my gratitude and respect to the restaurant, which bravely continued their business, responsibly observing all measures of safe pastime for their guests. This is a challenge for everyone and I believe that by supporting each other, we can create a healthy future.
Now check out SG’s list of the best dishes of last year:

Spaghetti with fresh Olive Oil at Retrobottega in Rome

Nasturtium, Smoked Bream, Caviar, Capers and Egg Yolk at Il Tino in Fiumicino

Bruschetta with Ventricina Teramana at Pastorie in Rome

Homemade Fettuccine with Meat Ragu at La Cantina in Lisciano, Rieti

Ceviche at La Punta in Rome

Artisanal Cotechino from Roberto Cedrone Norcino of Casalvieri, surrounded by Cabbage, Polenta Concia with Butter and Black Truffle at Sora Maria e Arcangelo in Olevano Romano

Signature Carbonara by Luciano Monosilio at Luciano Cucina Italiana in Rome

Lentil soup at Il Cantinone in Santo Stefano di Sessanio

Dessert with chocolate, berries and raspberries at Per me in Rome
Christina Rusu, Editor-in-Chief


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