Rough Elegance of Osteria Del Mirasole

“Like a mother’s hug” — this is the inspiration and the main goal of chef Franco Cimini, his wife Anna and host Riccardo. Osteria Del Mirasole takes the confident position of the best Italian osterias. The restaurant is located in San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna and emphasises its special warm hospitality, top quality products, high skills with creative ideas and combinations of unforgettable flavours.

Home furnishings, the smell of wood and fire from the camino, perfectly bleached textiles really create the feeling that you have come to a place where you were very welcome. Excellent wine list and authentic cuisine captured Italy’s top awards and brought international recognition to the osteria.

You can also order the Signature Tortellini with Mirasole Outcrop Cream and have a perfect dinner at home with a wonderful touch of Osteria Del Mirasole.

Onion stuffed with Rabbit Liver Pate
Tortellini in Double Chicken Broth
Tagliatelle with Ancient courtyard Meat Sauce with Chicken Giblet
Guinea fowl “with ashes”


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